Enable Your Business with Gift Easy and Generate Cash Flow

Digital Gift Cards

Gift Easy enables your business to issue contactless digital gift cards from your website and social media pages. Recipients are able to add their gift card to their favourite mobile wallet.

Real-Time Balance Updates

Gift Card users get real-time push notifications and alerts to their mobile wallet or email. Allowing them to stay on top of their gift card balance

Built for Smart Payment Terminals

Gift Easy is available on smart payment terminals and provides seamless integration with popular payment gateways across North America

Low Cost

Never pay for individual gift card transactions


Gift Cards are encrypted and stored Securely


Gift Card users are notified in real-time on every transaction

Easy Migration

Switching from another gift card program is easy and simple

Website Included

Get acess to our website immediately

No Contract

No hassles or contracts needed

Set Up Your Account

Sign up and customize your gift card design within minutes

Send Gift Cards Online

Add your Gift Card to your website or social media and start selling gift cards.

Get Cash Next Business Day

Gift Card sales are deposited to your bank account the next business day.

Gift Cards
Gift Cards

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